2024 Best Large Luxury Car: Porsche Taycan / Taycan Cross Turismo

Not long ago, there was a need to apologize for electrified luxury cars. Sure, they had oodles of technology, but often their futuristic styling lacked class, their interiors weren’t always up to snuff compared to real luxury cars, and there were fears that an electric powerplant couldn’t live up to the best of the gas-powered drivetrains.

Whatever the reason to avoid an EV luxury car, it doesn’t apply to Porsche’s Taycan, which makes no apologies for its all-round excellence in the luxury car segment.

There are some spectacular large luxury car offerings from BMW’s new i7 and 7 Series to the stalwart Mercedes S-Class, not to mention the last few Large Luxury Car category winners from Genesis, but this year, it’s the Porsche Taycan that can’t be beat. This is the car AutoTrader’s group of 20-plus experts have voted as the best in its class, signifying a vehicle they can confidently recommend to family, friends, or anyone else who asks what premium four-door to buy, whether electrified or not. Heck, most of us would also give a non-crucial organ to park a Taycan in our own garages (anyone need a kidney?).

Before its release, there was considerable nail-biting among the Porsche faithful that an EV would mark the demise of the brand’s beloved gas-powered machines. Instead, Porsche has created the ideal daily driver to smooth the grind of a commute, supplementing the Porsche sports car and SUV already found in the garage.

With near-silent cruising, occupants can better enjoy the sensational sound systems available in the Taycan, while the adaptive suspension and long wheelbase take the edge off the nastiness of Canadian pavement. The front seats are optimally shaped for comfort regardless of occupant size or shape, yet they also hold their passengers firmly in place when the car is driven with gusto. Rear seat headroom can be snug in the Taycan sedan, but Porsche also offers a long-roof version in Sport Turismo and Cross Turismo guise to add passenger space and a cargo hold that expands to over 1,100 L with the rear seats folded.

As an EV, the Taycan’s range, which varies between 332 and 378 km, is less than some of its competitors but is bolstered by fast charging capability that sees speeds of up to 270 kW enabling 100 km of range to be added in as few as five minutes.

By far, the most impressive aspect of the Taycan is its performance, because it drives like a proper Porsche should. Notably heavier than its 911 sports car cousin, the Taycan utilizes its low centre of gravity and standard all-wheel drive (in Canada) to provide astonishing cornering capability. After driving a Taycan and 911 back-to-back, AutoTrader Road Test Editor Dan Ilika noted, “…there’s a familiarity behind the wheel that’s undeniable. Staring down the hood between the bulging fenders is enough to transport a driver into the same headspace the Taycan’s legendary sibling offers.” Indeed, after thrashing a Taycan around Willow Springs Raceway, I found its braking and grip were nothing short of astonishing, not to mention its straight-line thrust, that even in the slowest Taycan 4S can still reach 100 km/h in four seconds flat.

The Porsche Taycan offers buyers the choice of sleek sedan or sexy wagon format, provides all-weather performance, impeccable build quality, and a comfortable cabin, all while delivering performance worthy of the vaunted Porsche crest on its nose. All without burning a drop of fuel. This car proves how brilliant an EV can be and what the Best Large Luxury Car should be.