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Lego Speed Champions

Can't afford one of the new breed of hypercars? Oh yes you can – in brick form. Coming soon to a toy store near you (and eventually your desk), leaked images of Lego's 2015 model lineup reveal that a pint-sized, brick-based Porsche 918, Ferrari 458, or McLaren P1 will all launch as official Lego sets.

Lego's been on something of a roll – no pun intended – in the model car department of late, releasing highly detailed versions of the VW Beetle, the Microbus, a Technic Unimog, and even a Back to the Future DeLorean and Ghostbusters Ectomobile. They've also long had a licensing deal with Ferrari, but this is a new level of variety on offer.

Sized for the standard Lego mini-figurine, these tabletop racers come in three single-car sets, as well as a McLaren-Mercedes Formula One set, a pair of 911 GTs with their own racing accoutrements, and even a re-issue of the Ferrari Scuderia truck.

Of course, some wag has already released a photoshop of the 918 complete with Lego flames, in reference to the recent flambe experience one unfortunate owner had in Toronto. Here's hoping the Lego version's a little less fire-prone.