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Watch a truck driver defy physics to avoid a crash

A few of the drivers in this video should have gone directly to the store to buy lottery tickets, because they got lucky in a situation that could've ended pretty badly.

We had to watch it four times before we were sure what had happened. We start out on a ridealong in a dashcam-equipped car entering a freeway (probably in Russia, given the prevalence--and necessity, honestly--of such footage on that country's roads). Watch that semi-truck that's in the right lane as the camera car begins to merge: initially, it looks as though the driver pulls off a very risky move, performing a sudden lane change that seemingly defies the laws of tractor-trailer physics.

He or she isn't just trying to get in front of traffic in the adjacent lane, though; the dramatic swerve was to avoid a blue cargo van that has unexplicably stopped in the middle lane.

But wait: at 12 seconds in, we see the real reason for all this drama. The brilliant individual driving a backhoe (which in no universe belongs on a freeway in the first place) in one of the left lanes realizes they're about to miss their exit, cuts across three lanes of traffic to get to it, and nearly causes a pileup that the rest of the drivers on the road manage to avoid, to their credit.

Our favourite part happens at the 17-second mark, where the pilot of the blue van decides he's going to have words with the backhoe driver. We would've loved to have been there for that conversation.

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