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Lamborghini launches in-house restoration division with gorgeous Miura SV

Like Ferrari, Aston Martin, and more recently Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini is now in the business of making the old new again. Their PoloStorico in-house restoration specialists are among the best craftsmen in the world, and they showed off the latest fruits of their labours at the prestigious Amelia Island concours.

It's a 1971 Miura SV400, the first ever made. The result of more than a year of restoration work, the car is absolutely jewel-like in Verde Metallizata green with a tan interior. This being such an early model, and in fact the actual pre-production car that sat proudly on the Bertone stand at the 1971 Geneva auto show, there are even a few idiosyncrasies baked in.

1971 Lamborghini Miura SV400

As would have been correct at the time, the headlight and taillight surrounds are shared with the earlier Miura S, setting this car apart from the SV400s that would follow. It's the kind of persnickety detail the collector car community loves, and PoloStorico excels at.

With the classic Lamborghini market more bullish than ever - pardon the pun - the factory itself getting into the restoration business makes fine business sense. And, after all, if you're privileged enough to own a classic Countach or Miura, perhaps you'd want to employ the same people who built your car in the first place - they're sure to get it right the second time around.