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Ferrari theme park planned for North America

Ferrari is hatching a plan to send its devoted fans through theme park thrill rides and merchandise stalls right here in North America.

Though the Bloomberg report is short on details, a version of Ferrari World on our side of the Atlantic would become the fourth park opened by the venerable Italian supercar manufacturer. On top of the original in Abu Dhabi, the new Ferrari Land is set to open in Spain next year while a third location in China is in the early stages of development.

Exactly where Ferrari might set up shop in North America hasn't been publicly discussed, nor has a timeline been revealed for when it would open to the public. In Spain, the park is nearly ready today, just over two years after being announced. Though it stated a clear intent in its IPO filing, no formal announcement of firm plans has yet come from Ferrari.

The report from Bloomberg comes coupled with news of falling Ferrari stock values since its IPO late last year in spite of rising profits, which is said to stem from a lack of investor confidence in the brand's long-term revenue generating prospects. Ferrari World has been one of the automaker's more successful licensing ventures, while attempts to leverage its brand into luxury product merchandising have been less successful.