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Tesla Re-Introduces Entry-Level Version of Model S Sedan

Electric vehicle builder Tesla has brought back a less-expensive version of its Model S, apparently to boost slowing sales and attract buyers impatient for the brand's upcoming compact Model 3.

Dubbed the 60, it marks the return of a model designation dating back to the car's introduction as a 2013 model, that number referring to the kWh rating of its battery pack.

Less expensive is a relative term here, given the car's $86,000 cash purchase price in Canada; for that amount, you're getting a car with an estimated 338-km driving range; upgrading to the 70 kWh battery of the previous entry-level model -- for $11,300 -- bumps range to about 400 km.

Topping the range are the all-wheel drive 90D and P90D variants, with their 90 kWh batteries; the P90D is best known for its available "ludicrous" mode that allows a zero-to-100 km/h acceleration sprint time of just three seconds. The P90D carries a cash price of $143,200.