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Infiniti Recalls Q50 to Fix Electric Steering Flaw

Infiniti's Q50 sport sedan has been recalled to fix a software problem that could cause the car's "direct adaptive steering" system to malfunction.

Infiniti and Transport Canada say that in some Q50 models sold as 2014 through 2016 models, if the battery is weak and the car is parked with the front wheels turned, that combination of factors could cause the front wheels to go out of alignment with the steering wheel (the angle of the steering wheel and that of the front wheels would be different) and trigger a steering system warning light. The car would remain driveable, but that mismatch would, for obvious reasons, increase the risk of a crash.

According to Infiniti's press release for the Q50 at its 2014 debut, its direct adaptive steering system effectively eliminates a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering system under the hood, "transmitting the driver's intentions to the wheels faster than a mechanical system," and allowing customization of steering system performance either by the driver or automatically, based on road conditions. (There is still, however, a traditional mechanical link between the steering wheel and front axle, included as a failsafe.)

Infiniti is instructing its dealers to reprogram the steering system's computer software in the 3,804 cars affected by this recall.