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The La Ferrari Convertible is Coming, But it's Already Sold Out

Ferrari has confirmed it is making a convertible version of its La Ferrari hybrid hypercar to be launched next year, and that every example it plans to build has already been sold.

Like the La Ferrari coupe, of which just 499 were built, the convertible version will likely be produced in limited numbers, but Ferrari hasn't said what that number will be. Likewise, while Ferrari calls the car "Aperta" in its brief press release (that's Italian for open), that hasn't been confirmed as the car's official name.

What we do know is the La Ferrari Spider uses the same powertrain, consisting of a naturally-aspirated V12 and electric motor, as the coupe, blessing the topless wonder with 949 hp put to the road through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. While this is a hybrid powertrain, electricity is used to boost performance rather than allow for emissions-free driving: Ferrari says the coupe is good for a sub-three second zero-to-100 km/h sprint, and reaches double that velocity in under seven seconds.

The car comes with a pair of removable tops, one a hard roof panel made of carbon fibre and the other a fabric top. Ferrari claims the Spider's chassis is as rigid as the coupe's, thanks to "significant and extensive modifications," and that it maintains the fixed-roof version's slippery aerodynamics even with the roof off.

We'll know more about the car's technical makeup, as well as the planned production run and what it will be called, when Ferrari officially reveals the car to the public this fall at the Paris motor show.