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Your Dashcam Might Not Save You From Court

One unlucky YouTube user is in a spot of bother despite a dashcam video that appears to show their innocence in this Toronto traffic crash.

In the crash a car turns left across oncoming traffic, and the driver of the camera car collides with them. The police were told the dashcam owner was speeding, and that the light was red - neither of which appear to be accurate in the video.

The uploader admits he didn't immediately tell the police about the video, and says that several witnesses testified against him at the scene. One of those witnesses can be heard yelling in the video.

Let this be a lesson - eye witness accounts of traffic accidents are not always accurate, for a variety of reasons. Among them shock, inattention, confirmation bias and just pure mis-seeing.

Also, let it be a lesson to dashcam users - always tell the police immediately following a crash that you have video evidence especially when there are claims to the contrary.

Finally, be aware that once a ticket has been issued the matter is on its way to court and there's not much you can do about it - except to fight it in court.

Sure, going to court is a hassle, but we would be surprised to see this one go any further once a prosecutor or magistrate sees this video.

So keep your dashcam. It might not stop you going to court, but it could still prevent you paying a hefty penalty you don't deserve.