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Find of the Week: Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S-model is a truly epic car. It makes 577 hp from a twin-turbo 5.4L V8. That's more than a Ferrari 458. The 590 lb-ft of torque is as much as a Viper, and it is routed through all four wheels via a seven-speed automatic. The steam-roller grade 285 width 19-inch rear and 255 width front tires generate a massive 0.97 g on the skidpad. There is a top speed in excess of 280 km/h. The interior has adjustments for the active seat bolsters, the lumbar, there is two-stage massage, and enough buttons to fill a NASA control room. There is seating in here for five. And in the back is 1,614 L of cargo space.

That's right. This one's a wagon.

To sell a car that's this special, you need an ad that's equally special. You need to be creative. You need to be funny. Take good pictures, tell a good story, or do what you can do to stand out. If you hit just the right combination your ad can go viral and spread across the net in an instant. The seller of our Find of the Week has written one of the best ads we've seen in a while. It's an ad that's received plenty of attention from visitors because it's unique, it's funny, and it does a great job of telling you why you NEED this car in your driveway. When we spoke with the author, even he seemed surprised by the amount of attention the ad has gotten. The car's for sale in Montreal so the original ad is en Francais, but we've translated some of the best parts for you.

"Your kids are late for school? You want a sports car, your wife wants a car that's ergonomic, safe, and practical for the family? You are about to cave and buy a minivan with the "3-spoke sports steering wheel with smooth leather" because you say "I will buy a red 911 when the kids move out"? No. Children love to stay. Sometimes they stay forever (and if they leave early, forget the 911. You think they will pay their own rent, schooling, and travel? No, you are going to pay; then no 911). Stop procrastinating. Life is now. Do not do something you might regret."

The seller is right. Who wants a fancy steering wheel if you can't have the rest of the performance that it promises? Sure that "sport trim" minivan looks shiny, but let's face it. It will never deliver on that promise. The E63 AMG gives you real performance to back up the badges.

"Everyone will love it. Except your neighbor. Not only because it makes a breathtaking sound, but because he won't find another one. He will have to make do with his minivan (at least there is a sports option with a 3-spoke soft leather sports steering wheel)."

He's right about this one. The E63 isn't exactly a flashy looker. So if you don't know what it is, you won't find out until it gets fired up for the morning commute. Then the whole neighbourhood will know. And you'll be king of the carpool.

The seller is also pretty confident in what he has and what it's worth. It takes some skill to tell you that while also showing off the cargo capacity, but "to be frank, to $89,995.00" ($5 under asking) "it will stay in my driveway. It is beautiful and it showcases my small trees that I planted last few weeks (and brought home in the huge trunk with as much cargo capacity a minivan)."

As the author of the ad said, "say no to minivans while making your spouse smile" You'll become a happier family without a minivan. That might not be true, but you'll certainly be a faster family. After reading this, nobody could blame you if you want to sell your minivan to buy this family truckster, and if that's your plan then there's no better way to do it than with an amazing ad on

You might even find your ad is our latest Find of the Week.