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"No Price Ceiling" for Grand Wagoneer Luxury SUV, says Jeep Boss

Jeep says the sky is the limit for its forthcoming Grand Wagoneer luxury SUV, at least as far as price is concerned.

Speaking to UK mag Auto Express at the Paris auto show, Jeep head honcho Mike Manley said he's not ready to cap the price on the Grand Wagoneer because, "done well, the Grand Wagoneer will compete all the way through the upper end of the segment."

Reading between the lines, we get the impression Jeep is worried that pricing its new flagship model to undercut competitors like Land Rover Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne Turbo might turn off buyers who equate a big price with big luxury.

To that end, Manley says a price approaching USD$140,000 is not out of the question: In Canada, the Range Rover Autobiography starts at $151,990, and the Cayenne Turbo goes for at least $131,500.

But he added that a variant at that price point may not be part of the initial lineup, suggesting that Jeep needs to establish the Grand Wagoneer name before attempting to reach near the six-figure summit of the SUV marketplace.