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Police Grappler Snags Cars to End Chases

Back in the days of Cowboys on horseback, if the Sherrif needed to stop a pursuit, all they had to do was throw a lasso. Or that's how it worked in the movies at least. Things have gotten a little more complicated, but a company called Stock Enterprises is looking to make things a little more simple.

Stopping a modern car or truck that can easily weigh over 2,000 kg isn't easy. You've probably seen officers try the PIT (precision immobilization technique) maneuver on TV or in the movies, where they try and nudge the vehicle into a spin by pushing on the rear quarter panel. This maneuver only works at certain speeds, requires additional cars to block the chased vehicle, and can send a vehicle flying into oncoming traffic or into a violent crash. Spike strips are difficult to use, don't always stop the car, and require officers to get ahead of the chase and have great timing.

Stock Enterprises' Grappler Police Bumper takes the old fashioned rope approach, adds some modern tech, and lets police grab a car and pull it to a controlled stop. The device unfolds from the bumper and a net of straps is pushed up against the rear tire of the vehicle. The spinning tire grabs the straps and pulls them tightly around the tire and wheel. Now the wheel can't spin and the vehicle is tied to the police car. At that point, it isn't going anywhere. It can even pluck a car smoothly out of heavy traffic. The tether can be released or let out to give the officer more distance between themselves and the car they're chasing, but it still will come to a stop. It can work to stop nearly any car or truck and can be fitted to nearly any police car.

Take a look at this cool video of how this new invention that shows that simple can be very effective.