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Nissan Rogue One Star Wars Edition Launched

Four hundred subtly styled 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition models will be coming to Canada, and the one feature it includes that drew the most oohs and ahhs from the crowd at its Star Wars-themed stand at the LA Auto Show was a full-size Death Trooper helmet.

In the US, 5,000 of the Star Wars Rogues will be available, and you’ll be able to spot it by “Rebel Alliance” and “Galactic Empire” decals, a Rogue One: Star Wars Limited Edition badge on the front doors, and a clear Star Wars logo on the rear bumper. Inside there will also be twin “Rebel Alliance” and “Galactic Empire” cupholder logos, and Star Wars illuminated kickplates. The Rogue One Star Wars Limited Editions will be available in black or white.

The helmet is based on the new evolution of the Storm Trooper set to debut in the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie on December 16. Only 5,400 Lucasfilm-sanctioned helmets will be produced, said Jeremy Tucker, vice president of marketing for Nissan North America, who may not realize the power of the dark side when it comes to unlicensed Star Wars merchandise. In addition to that snazzy black helmet, ads promoting the vehicle as well as the launch video at the show itself were also done in association with Lucasfilm.

Despite its name, the Rogue is hardly an underdog – it’s become Nissan’s bestselling vehicle in the US, taking over the long-time sales lead of the Altima, and highlighting the market’s shift from cars to trucks and SUVs. In Canada, the Rogue has been its bestselling vehicle for a few years now.

But really, though some of the Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition touches like are fun, it’s really all about that replica helmet.

Whether you're looking to pledge your talents to the Alliance or swear allegiance to the Empire, you'll get the chance in late December, when the 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition goes on sale in Canada. Pricing will be announced closer to availability.