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Mitsubishi Recalls Rusty RVR Tailgate Struts

Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi has recalled more than 16,000 examples of its RVR compact crossover to replace liftgate struts that could corrode, weaken and fail.

According to the Transport Canada recall notice, the risk is the struts could rapidly let go of the pressurized gas that holds the rear door up, which would then fall suddenly on whoever was unlucky enough to be standing behind the car at the time. Mitsu blames struts that were not sufficiently treated with anti-corrosion solution during manufacturing.

This Mitsu recall sounds suspiciously like one Mazda issued in September, which leads us to think the struts involved were all manufactured by the same third-party supplier.

Mitsubishi is asking owners of affected RVRs from the 2011, 2012 and 2016 model years to take their cars back to the dealer, where technicians will replace the liftgate struts with updated parts.