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Ford Quietly Updated the Focus Electric for 2017 With a Bigger Battery and DC Fast Charging

Did you know that Ford had updated its Focus Electric for 2017 with a more potent battery pack, more driving range and a DC fast-charging mode? Because they did, and somehow, all of us here at missed the announcement buried in a January news release about Ford's plan to electrify its F-150 pickup and Mustang sports car.

Whatever promotion Ford lent to the Focus Electric's improvements, we would have expected more buzz about a battery pack with 40 percent more capacity (that takes up no more space than the old one), a roughly 50 percent boost in driving range (to 180 km) and DC fast charging capability that charges the car for about 120 km of driving in 30 minutes.

These changes come a year after Ford cut the Focus Electric's price from about $35,500 (in 2015) to $31,000, a price that held despite the extensive 2017 updates.

On top of that, consider the Ontario government's recent changes to its electric and hybrid vehicle incentives, which reduces the Focus Electric's price by another $14,000 (after all taxes). That prices the Focus Electric lower than the Nissan Leaf, which offers similar driving range, but at a $32,700 starting price tag that's eligible for the same Ontario EV rebate.

The 2017 Ford Focus Electric is on sale now.