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Ferrari 812 Superfast Gets 800 hp V12

Ferrari is showing off their latest V12 powered supercar, and they aren't being subtle about it. They are calling the new car their most powerful and fastest ever. It will have 800 hp, a top speed over 340 km/h, and is named the 812 Superfast.

The new car is based on the on the not-exactly-a-slouch F12 but turns the power up. The new V12 is bigger, at 6.5L, more powerful, at 800 hp, and will rev to the moon. Peak power is at a staggering 8,500 rpm, at which point the noise must be absolutely glorious. Peak torque of 530 lb-ft arrives at 7,000 rpm. Despite those staggering peaks, Ferrari claims that 80 percent of max torque is available from 3,500 rpm. They claim that helps drivability. This may be the last naturally aspirated Ferrari V12, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Sending that power to the rear wheels is the latest version of Ferrari's seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The shift time has been shortened and the car has unique gear ratios to improve performance. This is the first Ferrari with electric power steering, and it's integrated with the latest version of Ferrari's Side Slip Control- better known as drift mode. It will also get Virtual Short Wheelbase, Ferrari's rear-wheel steering system.

The styling is exactly what you would hope for from a front-engined Ferrari. Bold, sleek, and with a 365 GTB-inspired high tail. At the back are four round taillights. The way it should be. Inside is a more radical look. The vents and switchgear are styled to give the appearance of floating in the dash.

The newest and fastest Ferrari will go on display at the Geneva auto show next month.