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Italian Polizia Tear up the Autostrade in a New Huracán

Lamborghini is giving the Italian Polizia a new Huracán, meaning that the Italian Highway Patrol now has two of the supercars in their lineup. The car was presented to Interior Minister, Senator Marco Minniti by Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali at the Palazzo del Viminale, the seat of the Prime Minister and Ministry of the Interior, in Rome. The light blue and white livery might be one of the best to ever grace a Huracán, but this one has a purpose.

The Polizia actually use and exercise their exotics. There is the 2015 model that this car is joining and a 2009 Gallardo that will be going into the Polizia museum in Rome, among others. But they don't use them to chase down super speeders. At least not normally. These cars are used for some normal police operations, but the big use is for urgent medical transport.

There are few ways to get an urgent blood or organ donation where it needs to go faster than a 610 hp V10 powered Lamborghini. The Polizia handles hundreds of requests like that every year, with 111 organs transported by the force last year alone. This new car will be stationed in Bologna, and the 2015 model that they already use is based in Rome.

The Huracán Polizia gets the usual police features like a light bar on the roof and a gun rack, and it also has high-tech features like a built-in camera to record operations. It also gets special Pirelli P-Zero tires tinted in blue to match the paint. The front trunk has a special refrigeration system and a defibrillator to help with medical issues.