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Hot Wheels Goes Electric with Tesla Model X

Tired of waiting for the Tesla Model 3? Want something to tide you over? How about a Tesla Model X? No, not a full-size one, something a little smaller. Hot Wheels has you covered.

One of the latest in their Factory Fresh series is their 1/64 scale Tesla Model X. It's new for this year, and it comes in two colours. There is your choice of white or pearl red.

The Hot Wheels Model X doesn't have the opening Falcon Wing Doors of the real thing, but it does have the right grille, Tesla badging, a roofline that's way too low to be real, and a cooler set of wheels than Tesla has ever put on their big SUV.

So if you're a fan of Hot Wheels, or of Tesla, keep an eye out for the Model X wherever you pick up your tiny metal cars.