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Tesla Tiny House Tour Promotes Powerwall

Tesla was looking for a little way to show off the Model X and the new Powerwall renewable energy storage system. So they built a tiny house and are touring it around Australia.

The Tesla Tiny House weighs in at about 2,000 kg. That puts it a hair under the 2,272 kg towing capacity of a Model X, letting Tesla use their electric SUV to tow the trailer on a tour of Australia. The tiny house is powered 100 percent by renewable energy. It has a 2 kW solar system and a Powerwall charging and energy storage battery. The timber used to build the tiny house is locally sourced and sustainable.

The intent is to provide Australians with an experience that teaches how to integrate solar and Powerwall technology into their own home. It has a mobile design studio that can show how much energy your home uses and how much it can generate through solar to store in the Powerwall. Powerwall can store up to 13.5 kWh and deliver 5 kW of continuous power when charged.

The Tesla Tiny House will be touring Australia from mid-August to the end of October. The tour starts in Melbourne and ends in Sydney with stops in Brisbane and Adelaide. If you're in Australia, you can request a stop in your town.

Tesla is also installing a 100 megawatt backup and storage battery system at the Hornsdale Wind Farm in South Australia.