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Spy Photo Captures Production-Ready 2018 Jeep Wrangler

A spy photo taken by someone claiming to have been inside Jeep's Toledo, Ohio factory shows what appears to be a production-ready version of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler.

The image was captured by a member of, a discussion forum dedicated to the forthcoming redesigned Wrangler. The blur and weird angle strongly suggest the photo was snapped on the down-low; auto manufacturers are notoriously strict about allowing cameras of any kind (including smartphones) in their production facilities, which makes us wonder if the photographer used some kind of tiny lapel camera.

That said, it's never difficult to predict what a new Wrangler will look like, as the model's iconic styling demands stylists use a light touch when introducing new design features. But the photo does confirm a number of cues spotted in previous spy photos, and in a rendering recently published by the forum.

We've already gleaned a few facts about what the new Wrangler will offer, including full-time 4WD, a diesel engine option and a turbocharged 2.0L, four-cylinder engine with auto start/stop.