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BMW Shows X7 iPerformance, BMW's First Big SUV

BMW Will be bringing their first full-size SUV concept to the Frankfurt auto show. The Concept X7 iPerformance hybrid is a look at the brands latest SUV that will make a full debut next year.

The styling of the X7 is big and bold, befitting the largest BMW. The two BMW grille kidneys are so big that they're joined in the middle. And stretch all the way to the headlights. Framing the massive grilles are a very square front bumper and air inlets. As you move back around the SUV, the styling gets a little more conventional. The scalloped doors looking much like the kink in the 7 series door, and the rear greenhouse resembling the X5. The tailgate gets square again, with large bumper vents.

Take a look up top for one of the largest glass roofs around. The massively panoramic roof gives full light to passengers in all three rows. For night-time driving, the roof has embedded LED strips. That light is cast over an interior that is much more conservative than the exterior, but still elegant. It resembles the current BMW interior design but has been made more futuristic. There are more LED screens, more blue, and screens for the second row. It has tech that lets the passengers share media from their seat to any of the other passenger's screen. The six passengers sit in chairs made with extra thin underpinnings to allow for maximum foot room.

As is becoming common to luxury SUV's, it will have a hybrid powertrain. In this case, a plug-in. BMW hasn't given details about the drivetrain, but next year's production car is likely to have something like the 322 hp and 369 lb-ft offered by the 740e iPerformance.