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Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils Electric Hummer

The world's first electric Hummer was introduced earlier this week by Kreisel Electric and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It has a 300 km range and nearly 500 hp.

Last winter, Kreisel and the Terminator revealed an all-electric Mercedes G-Class, built for the actor. Now they've gone even bigger with an electrified version of the military truck that Schwarzenegger popularized in the 1990s: the Hummer H1.

Kreisel's off-road H1 prototype took two months to develop. It has a 100 kWh battery and electric motors on the front and rear axles. It has four-wheel drive thanks to the multiple motors, which also give a combined 490 hp. That's a big bump over the sub 200 hp diesels in most of the H1s sold to civilians, and the electric torque likely enhances off-road ability.

Kriesel claims a range of 300 km and a top speed of 120 km/h for the 3,300 kg off roader. Company founder Markus Kreisel calls it "a powerhouse in wolf’s clothing, one that drives so quietly even the sheep are not disturbed."

Kreisel doesn't have plans to mass produce the electric H1, but rather it's an effort to show off the company's electrification technology. The company is currently working on battery storage devices for passenger and utility vehicles, but also buses, boats and even aircraft, as well as grid-based storage systems.