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Police Chase 10-Year-Old Driver in Bizarre Pursuit

Every police pursuit is dangerous, and they're all a little bit different. But when the driver being pursued is only 10 years old, it can be even more dangerous than usual.

It started when the child's aunt was getting him ready for school. She went to the bathroom, and the kid grabbed the keys to an Infiniti and took off.

The pursuit happened last Thursday. It went on for over 80 km, and saw speeds of over 160 km/h. It started near Cleveland and ended some distance away on the Ohio Turnpike. The driver refused to stop for police, and even dodged spike strip traps. The chase prompted some confused calls to 911 like "I'm pretty sure there's a car chase going on right now between a mom and a son on the highway."

While the way-underage driver was travelling at excessive speeds, and even veering into oncoming traffic, police were able to bring the car to a stop with no injuries. Although State Troopers said that the child was having a tantrum when stopped.

Another report about the chase suggests that he's done this before, earlier this month.

We're glad nobody was injured by this strange pursuit. And if you're too young to drive, you should keep it to video games or on the track.