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Car2go Hits Three Million Users, Two Canadian Cities in Top 10

Car sharing service car2go has just topped three million members worldwide and has over one million in North America. Two Canadian cities are in the company's top 10 cities for membership worldwide.

Owned by Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler, the service started with diesel and electric-powered Smart fortwo cars, painted in the now familiar blue and white colour scheme.

Now the service operates in 25 cities worldwide, including four in Canada. Between Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, the service has more than 2,600 cars and nearly 400,000 registered members in Canada.

While some cities use entirely electric Smarts, the service has expanded to include more vehicles in some markets. Here, they offer now gas-powered Smart two-seaters as well as Mercedes GLA crossovers and CLA four-door coupes.

Chongqing, China, has the most users for the service with 237,000, but two Canadian cities made the top 10. Vancouver was seventh with 153,000 users. Calgary was ninth on the list with 119,000 members. Toronto and Montreal have around 69,000 and 59,000 users respectively.