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The I.D. Vizzion is VW's Autonomous Future Vision

Volkswagen's latest concept is the brand's look at an autonomous sedan of the future. The I.D. Vizzion is an electric car from the future and the latest member of the automaker's electric I.D. family.

This is the fourth I.D. concept vehicle from VW. The first three, the I.D., I.D Crozz, and I.D. Buzz, were looks at the electrics that the brand was contemplating putting into production in the very near future.

The Vizzion is a longer term vision. Of what might be possible for an autonomous sedan by the year 2030.

The concept has the potential for artificial intelligence built-in. Instead of current automotive programming, where driver assist features require models and mathematical parameters for every possibility, the Vizzion looks at the future, where cars will be able to see using cameras and make its own decisions. Based on learning, not preset outcomes.

That's part of Level 5 autonomy, the ability for the car to handle every driving situation, all of the time. The concept doesn't need a driver, so it drops the pedals, dash, and steering wheel of a conventional car for interconnected laser scanners, sensors, and computers.

The I.D. Vizzion has two electric motors, a 101 hp motor in the front and a 202 hp unit in the rear. That gives the system a combined 302 hp and all-wheel drive.

A 111 kWh lithium-ion battery housed under the floor improves the center of gravity and has an anticipated range of 669 km, on the (optimistic) European test cycle.

On the outside, the Vizzion has futuristic styling. There are no grilles and only one hidden opening in the front bumper. Instead of fancy trim, the Vizzion has sleek LED lighting in the nose and tail. Those lights are interactive, with an intelligent high and low beam system projecting light in front of the car.

The coupe-like roofline stretches all the way to the rear. The four doors open wide, with the back doors hinged in the rear to provide an open and welcoming cabin space. At 5,164 mm, this is a long car. A striking 290 mm longer than the Passat and 114 mm wider.

The concept's interior uses gesture and voice controls, along with a holographic virtual interface. Biometrics identify the passenger and unlock the doors. It also adjusts the setup of the car to each person.

While the features presented are novel, they are still concepts. Look at the Vizzion as what VW thinks EV sedans will look like in the next few generations. And the future looks elegant.