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Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept Previews Future Styling Cues

Hyundai has presented a new concept car at the Geneva auto show that the automaker says previews the brand's future styling language.

The concept's French name translates directly as "the red wire," but is a reference to a francophone term for the story arc in a television or literary fiction series.

Hyundai calls its latest design approach "Sensuous Sportiness," which it says the company's designers will soon apply to vehicles across its model range.

The car's proportions are based on the golden ratio, a mathematical ratio found in nature in organisms like pinecones.

Hyundai also calls out what it refers to as Light Architecture, lending the car's appearance a look of forward motion, while Tube Architecture – which refers to keeping similar emotional responses inside and outside a design – carries the exterior's character into the cabin.

Inside, the driver's seat was designed to emphasize ergonomics, while the front passenger space is keyed to long-distance comfort.

The driver also gets a haptic floating display, while revitalized wood and high-tech fabrics are featured throughout the interior.