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Find of the Week: 1998 Chevrolet C7500 Toterhome

The debate over the best vehicle to take to the track has raged on for as long as people have been going to race tracks. With this week's Find of the Week, we think we might just have found the best one of all. Only this one isn't for going around the track, it's for getting the things that go around somewhere they can go around.

At some point, most drivers and riders who head to the race track on the weekend will decide that driving there in their fast car or bike is a bad idea. Track cars are not comfortable, they're not fun to drive on the highway, and lots of them don't have much in the way of creature comforts. Then there's what happens when the car inevitably breaks down or is damaged. It's the same thing with a motorcycle. You don't want to ride your race bike to the track. And if you do, where do you put your spare tires and tools?

So you need a tow vehicle. One that can tow your car (or bike), your extra tires, and your tools. After you've had that open trailer for a while, you see the guy down the pit wall with an enclosed trailer with tool boxes and tire racks and it's not long before you need one of those too. Now you need not just a tow vehicle, but one that can handle a big enclosed trailer.

Lots of races take up a full two- or three-day weekend. Now you're looking at packing up every night to drive your tow vehicle and trailer to a hotel. It's inconvenient, there's never enough parking, and you have to get up early to get back to the track. Wouldn't an RV be nice?

So that's it. You need a tow vehicle that can haul a heavy trailer but is also an RV. We've got you covered this week. An RV that can tow your stuff: a toterhome. It's a 1998 Chevrolet Kodiak C7500 that can tow all of your race cars and give you somewhere to relax after a long day and settle in for some trophy-winning dreams.

The 7500 badge means that this is a Class 7 truck. It can tow all but the heaviest trailers, and won't blink at the fanciest car or bike trailer you can find.

This is a real truck, which means that it is powered by a Caterpillar medium-duty diesel engine. The engines are rated for around 300 hp, with enough torque to move mountains. An Allison automatic transmission takes care of sending that power to the rear wheels. This truck has just 165,000 km on the odometer and has had a refresh at a Cat dealer.

It was converted into an RV by Renegade RVs. The company specialises in models built on heavy truck chasses, using the stock cab. Like this one.

Inside it has upgraded leather front seats, but there is also a fold-out couch, dinette, and a kitchen. Sink, stove, and – most importantly – a fridge for post-race refreshments. Actually, scratch that. The fridge is second-most-important. The bathroom is number one if you've ever tried to number two at most track facilities.

It's fitted with rooftop A/C, and a 7,000-watt diesel generator which means you have lots of power and don't need two different fuels. With all the beds out, this sleeps six. Enough for you and your team.

While the fifth-wheel hitch gives you the ability to tow your best trailer, there is also enough room on the flat deck to keep your motorcycles there. Leave the trailer at home for bike weekend, and still enjoy the comfort of the RV, with plenty of storage space for parts, tires, and wheels underneath.

If you're getting ready for racing season, then you might want to take a look at this 1998 Kodiak C7500 RV, for sale in Devon, AB. Just southwest of Edmonton.