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Campagna Campaigns Electric T-Rex Three-Wheeler

Campagna, the Canadian company behind the motorcycle-esque T-Rex three-wheeler, has revealed the development of its first all-electric prototype.

Set to be revealed later this month at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show, the prototype promises "a high-performance vehicle without the need for gasoline" thanks to the "seamless integration" of the electric powertrain's motors, batteries and controllers into the T-Rex's body.

Campagna said it has teamed up with California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles to source the electric T-Rex's powertrain and lithium-ion battery packs.

It's not the first powertrain partnership Campagna has formed with other manufacturers. The engines for its existing entry-level T-Rex and V13R models are licensed from BMW and Harley-Davidson, respectively.

According to the Zero Motorcycles website, its most potent models are good for 60 hp and 81 lb-ft of torque, but Campagna doesn't specify whether that's the powertrain it bolted into its electric prototype. Those power figures would be a big step down from Campagna's current offerings: the T-Rex boasts 160 hp and the V13R roadster 122 hp.

The T-Rex electric prototype will be only display at Montreal's Place Bonaventure April 20-22.