Car News's Most Searched Vehicles Last Quarter

There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles for sale on, ranging from the tiniest compacts to the biggest pickups, and even RVs and powersports equipment. It's the largest and most comprehensive automotive marketplace in Canada. This is a look at the most searched vehicles in Canada last quarter, according to data.

The top of the list is little surprise. The Ford F-150 is perennially the best selling vehicle in Canada, so it makes sense that it is also the most searched. It's been the top search since 2015, when it took over top search spot from the Honda Civic.

The best selling car in the country, the Honda Civic, wasn't even in the top three last time around, but this year it is back in the number two spot overall as the most searched car.

While sport utility vehicles and trucks dominate the sales charts, taking eight of the top 10 spots in sales,'s search results suggest that Canadians are searching for more fun and more luxury. Maybe dreaming of trading the crossover for a convertible. The Ford Mustang took the third spot on the search list with the BMW 3 series in fourth. The Chevrolet Corvette might win in the search to sales metric, making it to ninth on the most searched list but 194th for new car sales in Canada last year. Not all sports cars followed that trend, though, with the Porsche 911 dropping from seventh place last time to 14th this quarter. SUVs and trucks take 15 of the top 25 spots in sales, and 12 of the top 25 in the search list.

Even amongst the crossovers, looking for fun was high on the list. The Jeep Wrangler was the seventh most-searched vehicle, and it was sixth on the list last time. Bigger-selling SUVs did still see a lot of searches, and the higher-selling Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 moved up from eighth and ninth to fifth and sixth. 

Overall, the top 10 was largely the same as the last survey, with only one car leaving and one car entering. The Porsche 911 dropped off and the Toyota Corolla entered the list.

Top 25 Searched Vehicles in Canada, First Quarter 2018

1. Ford F-150
2. Honda Civic
3. Ford Mustang
4. BMW 3 Series
5. Honda CR-V
6. Toyota RAV4
7. Jeep Wrangler
8. Mazda 3
9. Chevrolet Corvette
10. Toyota Corolla
11. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
12. Honda Accord
13. Jeep Grand Cherokee
14. Porsche 911
15. Ford Escape
16. Toyota Tacoma
17. Toyota Camry
18. Chevrolet Camaro
19. Toyota Highlander
20. Audi A4
21. BMW X5
22. Toyota 4Runner
23. Mercedes-Benz E-Class
24. Lexus RX
25. Nissan Rogue