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Ford Beefs Up 2019 F-150 Raptor

Ford is making some changes to the F-150 Raptor for 2019 to make the ultimate desert-destroyer even better off-road. There are changes in the suspension, the powertrain computer, and where your backside hits the seat, all intended to help make the Raptor even more capable.

The first upgrade is a bit of a shock. An upgrade to the shocks, that is. The Raptor already uses Fox 3.0 internal bypass shocks. For 2019, those impressive dampers are upgraded with Live Valve technology. That means the Raptor now has real-time adaptive damping. It uses suspension and body sensors to improve the ride, maximize handling, and help make sure that the Raptor doesn't bottom out.

It automatically varies compression damping rates to make sure that the Raptor can use every mm of its 330 mm of front and 353 mm of rear suspension travel without thumping into the bump stops. It makes the off-road ride softer and improves on-pavement behaviour.

The next is a new Trail Control system. It's like off-road cruise control that lets the Raptor traverse twin-track trails, steep obstacles, and brake on steep hills. Unlike hill descent control, it can manage acceleration and braking.

Finally, the Raptor is getting new seats to keep the driver in place and comfortable. The new Recaro sport seats have aggressive bolsters in the seat back and cushion. The seats have blue Alcantara inserts to make them look good too, inspired by the Light Speed interior of the Ford GT.

Along with those changes, the 2019 F-150 Raptor is getting some new paint colours including Ford Performance Blue. It will also have new beadlock-capable wheels when it goes on sale later this year.