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Waze and Google Maps Coming to CarPlay

Apple has announced that with its latest OS, new third-party navigation programs will come to the CarPlay connectivity package.

Apple is expected to release iOS 12, the company's latest and greatest operating system, to the public later this year, likely in September. If you're wondering why that's news on a car site, it's because Apple is making some big changes to the CarPlay connectivity software that lets you integrate your iPhone seamlessly into your properly equipped in-car infotainment system.

The news is that third-party map applications are coming to CarPlay with iOS 12. That means traffic and navigation app Waze and Google Maps will be supported. Previously, CarPlay users were limited to Apple Maps, or to the vehicle's built-in navigation system.

Waze adds real-time traffic as well as other helpful user-submitted tips and road hazards like speed trap locations to the map data.

Because of the way that CarPlay interfaces between car and phone, the new apps should work with older cars once the apps become available. Apple has also said that iOS 12 should work on all phones that support iOS 11, which means phones as far back as the iPhone 5S.