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Quebec Getting Public Hydrogen Filling

Toyota is helping to bring hydrogen refueling to Quebec City. The filling station, unveiled today, will be the first hydrogen filling station in the province open to the public, and Toyota is calling it the largest hydrogen fuel demonstration project in Canada.

The station will be owned by Harnois Groupe Pétrolier, which operates more than 400 gas stations in Quebec. It will offer electric charging, hydrogen filling, and gasoline.

The hydrogen is going to be produced on-site, using clean power from Hydro-Québec to electrolyse water at the facility. It will be able to produce around 200 kg of hydrogen per day, enough to drive a single Toyota Mirai approximately 20,000 km. The project is getting a $5.2 million investment, with $2.9 million of that coming as government assistance. Hydrogen fuel cell powered cars use the fuel cell to turn hydrogen into electricity, and using hydroelectric power means the car can be filled using renewable energy.

"To implement efficient measures tomorrow, we must take an interest in it today. I am therefore glad to see this station project take shape thanks to the vision of the Gouvernement du Québec and the leadership of Transition énergétique Québec," said Minister of Energy Pierre Moreau, who was on site for the unveiling.

Filling up at the station will be 50 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The station may not be fully operational until next spring, but there will be filling available for the Quebec Government's test fleet of Mirais when they arrive.

The Mirai is expected to start Canadian sales to the public later this year, but only in Quebec.