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Ford Launches Quickest Factory Mustang Ever

Ford is launching a new Mustang that can outrun the Dodge Demon in the quarter mile. Which is the only place it will outrun it, because the new 50th Anniversary Cobra Jet is a Mustang headed only for the track.

The original Cobra Jet debuted in NHRA competition in 1968. It was a stripped-down Mustang that boasted a massive 7.0L V8. The car was aimed at the NHRA's Super Stock class, where it started winning from the very first weekend.

Ford is calling today's 50th Anniversary model the quickest drag racing Mustang ever. It'll blast through the quarter-mile in a blistering mid-eight second time. The turn-key racer is ready for the strip, coming with FIA certified seats and an NHRA safety cage. Because you can't run that fast in competition without some extra safety gear.

Under the long hood is a 5.2L version of the 5.0L V8 in the standard Mustang. Strapped to that engine is a massive 3.0L Whipple supercharger. Ford's not saying how much power the combination puts down, but a mid-eight pass at more than 243 km/h takes some serious shove.

To help plant that power, the Cobra Jet has a nine-inch solid rear axle, adjustable coilovers, and a low-drag brake system. It also has a racing fuel system and stripped out interior with digital dash.

The car will come in white or red, and can be had with the sweet 50th-anniversary throwback graphics package in the photos. Production is limited to just 68 cars, to honour that 1968 debut, starting from US $130,000. Order books are open now.