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Ungaraging: Brent Burns

Canadian hockey sensation and all-star defenceman Brent Burns opened up to autoTRADER.ca about his garage, his memories growing up, and what his garage means to him and his family.

From an unfinished garage in Barrie, Ontario, Burns now owns a 400-acre ranch in Texas complete with wildebeest and zebra. It's this ranch from which Burns and his family launch cross-country road trips in their RV, or head out to family date nights in their Polaris Rangers. 

In the three-video opening series of Ungaraging films, Burns talks about his favourite things including family time, the views on his property and ranch manager, Cam. The colourful defenceman also takes us through his memories of his garage growing up in Barrie, and how that space shapes his relationship with his son. 

Burns is the first to admit he isn't really a "car guy" and didn't actually get his first car until halfway through his first professional season. That car was a Cadillac Escalade. These days, Burns says he lusts after a Ford Raptor. 

Watch the videos below to learn more about Brent Burns and his garage. 

Ungaraging: Brent Burns

Ungaraging: Brent Burns RV Story

Ungaraging: Brent Burns' Top 5 Things

Brent's Vehicles 

Inside Brent's garage you'll find work equipment for the ranch, as well as the family's pride and joy, a bus-sized RV for cross-country road trips. He also just recently bought himself that coveted Ford Raptor. 

Cars featured: 
Ford F-250 
2 x Polaris Ranger Side by Sides
King Aire Class A Motorhome
Kubota Tractor

Ungaraging: Explained 

Ungaraging is a new series from autoTRADER.ca, that delves into the homes, and of course, garages, of prominent Canadians. The garage is a core part of most Canadian's upbringing, and for many our first hockey rink, sports arena, or workshop. 

“With Ungaraging we wanted to create something original that not only offers a glimpse into the vehicles players drive, but also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and memories that come along with growing up in and around their garage – something quintessentially Canadian,” says Kevin Cheng, Director of SEO and Content at autoTRADER.ca. “While cars and unique vehicles play a strong role in our series, these stories speak even more broadly to what it means to grow up chasing a dream – something we can all relate to.”

Ungaraging: Brent Burns Contest

UPDATE: We've updated the contest details due to special circumstances, we've replaced the Grand Prize with a $500 prepaid credit card prize. There are also still autographed jerseys and other cool prizes to be won. All you have to do is watch the first video above and post your answer to the following question in the comments section below:

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