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Rivian Files Removable EV Battery Patent

Electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian has yet to deliver its first production vehicle to a buyer, but it has already filed a patent for a unique removable range-extending battery pack for its forthcoming R1T pickup truck model.

Rivian revealed the R1T and the R1S utility vehicle in their concept forms last fall in LA and began taking Canadian orders in January.

Rivian’s latest patent application details an auxiliary battery that slots into the truck’s cargo bed, akin to a jerry can full of excited electrons. Based on the patent drawings, the battery would take up about a quarter of the R1T’s cargo bed.

According to a post about the patent at, the battery’s insertion would trigger the truck’s electronic controls to adjust driving performance, suspension, braking and steering systems. Presumably, this would account for the extra weight of the battery.

The auxiliary battery would add to Rivian’s promised 640-km driving range for the R1T, but the patent filing doesn’t say by how much. It’s also not clear whether it would provide a performance boost to go with the extra distance potential. The patent does show a liquid cooling system that would be activated when the battery is installed.

Rivian says R1T and R1S production will start in 2020.

(Via Green Car Reports)