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2020 Lincoln Aviator Offers 28-Speaker Revel Audio System

Lincoln is launching the 2020 Aviator crossover with what it's calling a concert hall audio system, offering seven times more speakers than the average car. Or 28-times more than the last Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 for those keeping track at home.

The latest version of the Revel Ultima 3D audio system boasts 28 speakers, including eight located in the roof. That's at least one above every person in the first and second row, plus woofers in the doors and a sub in the trunk.

The system will offer new advanced modes, on top of the basic stereo setting. Audience mode is meant to simulate the best seat of a concert hall, with on-stage mode putting you "seemingly on stage with the musical performance."

“As you increase the immersion, you find yourself inside an incredibly expansive listening environment – one that seems to extend beyond the vehicle interior. Guitars, left and right, are very wide. The vocals are incredible. It’s really changing the norm of what you’d expect from sound in terms of reinforcement and position," said Revel manager Brandon Wheeler. A slider lets you set your preferred level of immersion.

Even though it has more speakers than your average modern electronics store, it's not quite tops when it comes to sheer numbers. That honour goes to the Meridian Signature system offered by Range Rover. Which tops it by one with 29.

Lincoln says they've gone to great lengths to keep the Aviator's interior cabin quiet to ensure your tunes aren't drowned out by roads noise. Features like a dual-wall dash adds an extra sound barrier, as does acoustic laminated glass and acoustic shields underneath. Expect the new three-row SUV to arrive on sale this summer. You'll probably hear it coming.