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Jeep Brings Six Cool Concepts to Moab

Every year, Jeep and Mopar bring out a host of concepts to the Easter Jeep Safari Held in Moab, Utah. Jeep is up to its usual tricks for the 53rd running of the event,  showing off a host of concepts. Some with parts you can buy at dealers, and some that are, well, Wayout.

That first one, the Jeep Wayout, is actually one of the more tame concepts that Jeep has introduced. In this case, Wayout is referring more to camping way out in the middle of nowhere than it is to the changes Jeep's made, but it's still loaded with cool stuff. This started as a Gladiator, then got a custom bed rack with a ladder. Climb that ladder and there's a roof-mounted tent for two, plus LED lighting to set up camp.

A really neat way to store extra fuel, the Wayout has two custom-fit Jerry Cans built into the bedsides. It also gets a 2.0-inch lift, 17-inch steel wheels and 37-inch mud tires, a winch, and a snorkel.

The Flatbill is another Gladiator, this time set up for dirt biking. In the back is a special pair of wheel ramps to make it easy to load and unload the bikes. Dynatrac front and rear axles plus a 4.0-inch lift make this more capable off-road and it's been fitted with 40-inch tires - a Gladiator first.

Jeep's long brought restorations of cool classic models to Moab. This year it's the Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter. It started with a 1968 M-715 Jeep. It got a full carbon fibre nose in place of the original steel and a six-foot bobbed aluminium bed out back. Even the roof's been chopped, by 89 mm.

Functional rock rails, new axles, and a new coil suspension system boost its off-road prowess. Inside, the Five-Quarter (a reference to the original 1.25-tonne trucks) gets Wrangler seats, and a 6.2L Hellcrate supercharged V8 under the hood with more than 700 hp.

The J6 is a single-cab Gladiator with a six-foot box - a foot longer than the standard production model, but with a 3,007 mm wheelbase it's more of a Wrangler underneath. Loaded with lights and a 17-inch beadlock wheel that Jeep calls a "prototype", the design could see production. The J6 has a 2.0-inch lift and 37-inch tires.

Jeep made the JT Scrambler with an amazing retro-look paint job. It takes the Gladiator and adds a 1980s-style Scrambler graphics pack. It gets four big LED lights on the roll bar and two more on the A-pillars. Two more LED lights on the brush guard mean that the JT Scrambler can probably light up the moon. 17-inch Jeep Performance Parts wheels and the obligatory 2.0-inch lift make up the bulk of the changes underneath.

The Gladiator Gravity is designed as a rock-climber, using off-the-shelf Jeep Performance parts, including the lift kit and 35-inch tires. There are rock rails with a non-slip powder coat finish and steel tube doors that let the air in while keeping you inside. There's also a cold air intake and catback exhaust.

The Easter Jeep Safari runs April 13-21st.