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Porsche Finds New Ways to Make Passengers Car Sick

The latest bit of tech from Porsche isn't for drivers. Instead, this one is aimed at back seat passengers. It's a way to give them a whole new way of being entertained. Just in case the driving performance wasn't enough.

It's a joint project between Porsche and Holoride, and it gives us a look at what the future of back-seat entertainment could hold. Yes, that future appears to be VR. The headset and sensors are paired with the car. So instead of your VR adventure moving left and the car moving right, the movement of the game is matched with your actual moves. So, in theory, motion sickness would be reduced instead of greatly amplified and making you regret the choice of Alcantara for the backside of the front seats.

Porsche gives the example of travelling in a virtual reality space shuttle that will turn left as the car turns. Though it sounds like stop-and-go traffic might not make for a very exciting experience.

The tech will adapt the length of the VR game to suit the trip to your destination so that if you're using the navigation system, the game should end when you arrive. They call that elastic content, a new type of media that's designed especially for use in vehicles. It can also be used for more productive services, like a virtual conference. Or, of course, movies.

Holoride will be showing off the tech with Porsche at the IAA Next Visions day as part of the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Holoride hopes to bring it to market for back-seat passengers in the next three years.