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Porsche Launches Car Subscription in Toronto

Porsche has just announced that it is bringing its subscription service to Canada. Porsche Passport is now available in Toronto, following a pilot in Atlanta, GA.

The service lets you drive a Porsche, then pick a different Porsche. As often as you want. That's right, you could, in theory, even swap cars for the long weekend and go back to an SUV on Tuesday. Porsche will pick up and deliver the cars anywhere inside the service area. The monthly fee also covers everything but taxes, fuel, and fees.

So how much does the service cost? It'll start at $3,200 for the Launch service. That gets you a 718, Macan, or Cayenne. Pay $4,200 for Accelerate and add the 911 and Panamera to the list. Sure, that's a lot more than the lease price of a base 718 Cayman, but a standard lease doesn't give you the flexibility of the Passport program. Like no contract. You can sign up for just a month if you want. And a Cayenne Turbo is much more per month than a 718 Cayman.

From the Atlanta pilot, Porsche says the average user swaps 2.5 times a month. And the average subscription is about four months. “Consumers enjoy the flexibility of on-demand services,” said Marc Ouayoun, President and CEO, Porsche Canada. “With a history of fostering innovation, the brand is keen to provide an exclusive experience with its sports cars via Passport through a partnership between Porsche Smart Mobility Canada, Ltd, and Pfaff Porsche in Vaughan.”

The service is open for sign-up now, with a $750 membership fee and a background and driver profile check.