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Ford EV to Get 480-km Range, Automaker Launches Charging App

Ford today announced the launch of its FordPass EV charging network, which it calls the largest in North America and comprises 1,400 Canadian public charging stations and 3,500 more EV charge plugs.

The company also tipped that when its all-electric Mustang-inspired SUV arrives next year, it will be available in a "premium, extended-range comfiguration" promising 480 km of driving on a single charge. The car will come standard with a charge plug that will connect to 120- and 240-volt outlets.

Despite its name, the FordPass charging network is not exclusive to Ford drivers. Ford of Canada spokesperson Matt Drennan-Scace said the FordPass smartphone app aims to make it easier for Ford EV drivers to find public charging points by "integrating multiple networks" through the app.

Ford is partnering with Shell's Greenlots and VW-owned Electrify America to make chargers run by those providers available through the FordPass app. The smartphone app will direct EV drivers to nearby points of interest -- Ford calls out restaurants and shopping malls -- to help them spend their time wisely while the car charges.

Ford is also set to begin selling its Connected Charge Station, a 48-amp home-installed charger that drivers will be able to access and control remotely through a smartphone. It promises a charge rate that will add more than 50 km of range per charging hour.

Canadian FordPass members will have access to Electrify America network of EV charge points, including 150 kW plugs that will add around 75 km of driving range in just 10 minutes and DC fast chargers capable of boosting a battery from 10 percent to 80 percent charged in 45 minutes. Ford says it anticipates both will appeal to "Canadians traveling through the United States."

That deal does not include Electrify Canada, which recently opened its first public charging station in the Greater Toronto Area and will soon expand with chargers at Canadian Tire stores.