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November Price Index Results Released

The Price Index provides up-to-date information on pricing shifts and trends through in-depth analysis of new and used vehicle pricing data from Canada’s largest automotive marketplace. The November 2019 Price Index offers an overview of the current Canadian automotive market.

The median price of new vehicles has broken through the $40,000 barrier for the first time across Canada in 2019, reaching $40,490. This accounts for a 1.5 percent increase month-over-month and a 2.3 percent increase year-over-year. Meanwhile, used vehicle prices remain stable month-over-month at $18,888, increasing 7.4 percent year-over-year.

Domestics Challenging Europeans for Top Pricing

European prices have declined from the previous month, while domestic brands have experienced a steady increase in recent months, largely due to trucks owning a larger market share. New Domestic vehicles are settling in at a median price of $50,341, just under the $50,440 new European vehicle price in November.

Asian manufactured vehicles continue their slow and steady climb, currently sitting at $31,665, a 2.2 percent increase month-over-month, bringing the year-over-year increase to 1 percent. Used European vehicle prices remain flat month-over-month at $23,500, while Domestic models have risen to $20,446, up 2.2 percent compared to last month. This trend would need to continue for a few more months before we see the prices of used European models and Domestic models converge. Used Asian vehicle prices have also flattened month-over-month, ending November at $16,888.

Truck Prices Pick Up Steam

New sedans, trucks, and SUVs are all up month-over-month by 1.6, 1.4, and 1 percent respectively. Our data suggests this is in large part due to manufacturers releasing their new 2020 models in Q4 as well as a change in the composition of the market. At the beginning of 2019, we saw a sedan to truck to SUV ratio of 34/25/41 on the marketplace. As of November 2019, this ratio has adjusted to 30/31/39, an indication that Canadian appetite for sedans is waning compared to the truck category. Trucks are experiencing the greatest year-over-year increase at 4.2 percent followed by sedans, which are up 2.9 percent, and SUVs lagging behind with a 0.7 percent increase. We are seeing similar trends on the used side of the equation with sedans and trucks up 3.4 percent year-over-year, while SUVs are experiencing a more modest increase of 2.8 percent.

Alberta vehicle prices are in recovery mode Across Canada, used vehicle prices have remained stable in November except for the Atlantic region and Quebec, which dropped 2.7 percent and 0.7 percent compared to last month. Meanwhile, in Alberta, new vehicle prices continue their recovery settling in at $47,427, up 1.6 percent month-over-month.

Used vehicle prices in the province also continue to rise 4.1 percent month-over-month. Will this rebound continue despite the depressed oil market? Stay tuned for the December Price Index to see how this trend unfolds

These were the Top 5 Most Searched vehicles in November 2019 on’s marketplace:

1. Ford F-150

Median price new: $54,374

Median price used: $30,909

2. BMW 3 Series

Median price new: $59,470

Median price used: $19,883

3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Median price new: $61,352

Median price used: $28,495

4. Honda Civic

Median price new: $30,848

Median price used: $9,999

5. Ford Mustang

Median price new: $41,032

Median price used: $25,900

6. Toyota RAV4

Median price new: $35,784

Median price used: $22,875

7. Porsche 911

Median price new: $166,889

Median price used: $100,988

8. BMW M

Median price new: $117,100

Median price used: $54,910

9. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Median price new: $87,238

Median price used: $28,900

10. Honda CR-V

Median price new: $36,964

Median price used: $20,994

Released monthly, the Price Index provides a snapshot of the Canadian automotive market to bring a level of transparency to the vehicle buying process. Analyzing pricing data associated with over 400,000 listings. Tracking new and used vehicle pricing allows our data experts to identify how prices are trending nationally and provincially, along with the most searched models by consumers in the last month. The full results of the latest Price Index can be found here.