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Our First Look at All-New 2021 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai is getting ready for the debut of an all-new Elantra. The company's best-seller globally is getting ready to show off all-new styling and a new platform the company says "returns to its sport sedan roots." The reveal is set for next week in West Hollywood, but they've given us a few teaser shots of what the new car will look like both inside and out.

The latest 2021 Hyundai Elantra will have what Hyundai calls "parametric dynamics" styling, with the new platform making the car longer, lower, and wider, at least in its proportions. That's not the same design language as the stunning new Sonata, which the brand calls "sensuous sportiness." Instead of that car's rounded lines and bulging curves, the new Elantra gets more straight lines and angles, with photos showing a side profile that looks to have an impressive amount of depth and aggression for a compact sedan. Hyundai says that the main element of this styling is having three lines meet in one place, as seen in the center of the front door here, which it says "is a daring challenge, which has been avoided in car design." Hyundai has been hitting it out of the park when it comes to design of late, and we're excited to see the full new car.

Inside, it's more of the same, with the rendering showing a remarkably simplistic interior. A large screen is integrated into the instrument cluster housing, with almost no other switchgear to be seen. A center trim line running from side to side of the "immersive cocoon" layout helps to make it feel wider inside, and the structure that separates the passenger footwell and center console makes the car more driver-focused.

Hyundai will be revealing the new car during an event set for late next Tuesday, and we'll have more information and photos for you then.