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Watch: Porch Pirate in Ontario Gets Stuck in Snowbank, Caught By Police

Nobody likes Porch Pirates, folks who go around neighbourhoods looking for parcels to purloin before people are able to pick them up themselves, but what we do like is the kind of instant karma seen in the video below. Here, an alleged package thief was caught mid-attempt on camera and then immediately got their car stuck in a snowbank after attempting to flee the scene.


The clip, posted to Reddit recently, shows a house door being thrown open to what looks to be a person attempting to snatch a package from the front porch of a home in Mississauga. The alleged thief jumps quickly back into their Toyota Yaris, yelling what sounds like "so sorry, man" to the person with the camera.

But that apology isn't the most Canadian part of this exchange, it's what happens immediately after. The suspected crook throws the car into reverse, cranks the wheel, and nearly instantly gets stuck in a snowbank.

The driver of the car hops out and tries to push their way off of the snowbank, but it doesn't seem to be working. In an extended version of the clip, the camera operator offers helpful tips for getting out of the snowbank, including a sarcastic offer of a shovel.

The best part, though, is that we get to see how this one ends. A pair of units from Peel Regional Police respond to the alleged crook, who is then arrested.

Police said that a Brampton man was arrested and charged with one count of theft and one of fraud.