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Watch: Escaped Llama Causes Mayhem on Busy Toronto Highway

There was llama drama near Toronto late last week, with an escaped animal causing a shutdown on a busy highway. The poor animal was found wandering the eight lanes of Highway 400 near the community of Strange, just north of Toronto.

The loose llama was in the southbound lanes when the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were called to the scene in the early evening. The situation caused a temporary closure of the southbound lanes of the 400 while police worked to capture the camelid.

"Are you missing your Lama [sic]? Please come get him/her and bring your trailer. It appears to be healthy and not hurt," OPP Highway Safety said in a tweet later that evening. Photos of the animal were taken once it was off the roadway by the OPP.

Before they caught it, police spent quite a bit of time trying to wrangle the llama. And some of it was captured on an Ontario Highways traffic camera, letting us all get a kick out of watching two police cruisers and a tow truck trying to do the work a border collie could have handled in just a few moments. It took about three hours from when the OPP arrived on the scene to give the all-clear.

The OPP sent an update just before 11 p.m. that they had managed to find the owners of the llama and reunite the two. OPP said the llama had escaped from a nearby farm. The OPP did not identify the llama, but if we hear its name, we'll be sure to let you know.