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Watch: Nearly-New Ford Bronco Rolls Over After Trail Obstacle Goes Wrong

It's been a long wait for a lot of Ford Bronco buyers to finally get their SUVs, and that means they're in a hurry to get off-road. But nothing will end your off-road adventure more abruptly than what we just saw in this Tik Tok.

On a trail called The Maze, located in Utah, a Ford Bronco is climbing up a steep rock wall. Everything is going just fine until the Bronco makes it to almost the very top of the hill. When it starts to slide back, things go bad and it escalates quickly.

Normally, you might blame this on rookie off-roaders, but this Bronco is owned by some experienced drivers and this shows that even for the experts, things can go sideways real fast.

The Bronco ends up off of the driving line as it rolls back down, and you can hear a bystander yell "Driver!" telling the driver to turn the wheels to the left. A last-second correction might have saved the rollover, but it also might have been too late already.

Really, it's the sigh at the end of the video that really makes the clip. And while we feel bad for them, we've watched that groan about 50 times and counting.

The video clip was, and we can't quite believe the irony here, posted by BroncBusterTX, a social media account and business run by Amy and Tyler Mason, two big Ford Bronco enthusiasts. Their business? Building aftermarket parts designed to fix the weak parts of the Ford Bronco's factory steering system. So it was their latest Bronc Buster project vehicle that ended up busted in the video.

Surprisingly, the follow-up video shows the Bronco suffered almost no damage. The headlight has a scuff, there is damage to the mirror, and there are some small dents in the bodywork. The fender flares had already been removed. So while it probably wasn't a great feeling at the time, this could certainly have ended a lot worse.

The driver, Tyler, said that the engine died, and that's the reason it slid back. No steering and no brakes make for a rough day on the trail.