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2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC Will Have Loads of New Driver Assistance Tech

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the next generation of its GLC compact crossover, which the company says will arrive at its Canadian showrooms about a year from now.

While the automaker refers to the 2023 Mercedes GLC-Class as a new model – as opposed to a refreshed one – the changes compared to the outgoing version are hard to spot without a side-by-side comparison. The new GLC 300 is 60 mm longer overall, rides on a 15-mm-longer wheelbase, and sees its front and rear track measurements increase by 6 and 23 mm, respectively.

The GLC 300’s powertrain is once again built around a 2.0L turbo four-cylinder engine, but this time, it’s the new mild-hybrid version that already powers the C 300 compact sedan. Its 255 hp matches that of the outgoing GLC 300, but its 295 lb-ft of torque is an increase of 22 lb-ft. As before, a nine-speed transmission and 4Matic all-wheel drive are standard.

Mercedes says the new GLC is more aerodynamic than its predecessor, with a 0.29 coefficient of drag helping it slice through the air more easily than the old car, with its 0.31 figure.

Among the 2023 Mercedes GLC-Class' new features is a downhill speed regulation system that helps control the car’s speed on steep downhill stretches during off-road driving; another is a “transparent hood,” which is actually a camera that, using the infotainment display, shows the driver what’s immediately in front of and under the front wheels.

For on-road driving, the adaptive cruise control system can now react to stopped vehicles when the car is moving as quickly as 100 km/h, compared to the old car’s 60 km/h limit. Mercedes has also augmented the active steering assist system with a 360-degree camera system that improves low-speed functionality; that camera also contributes to an improved park assist feature.

The GLC’s new (optional) digital headlights can tailor their light distribution to the prevailing road and traffic conditions, maximizing visibility while also avoiding blinding other drivers.

Finally, there’s a new navigation system with a towing function that can create routes based on the height of the trailer so you don’t run into (literally or figuratively) any low obstacles.

Mercedes-Benz says the 2023 GLC 300 will arrive in Canada about a year from now, in the spring of 2023. Pricing and a full list of standard features will be announced closer to the on-sale date.