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Own the Road with AutoTrader, Episode 4: Intro to Trucks

Our hosts Dan and Jodi discuss all things trucks in Episode 4 of Own the Road with AutoTrader, where we make car stuff simple for Canadians!

They explain the pros and cons of the different types of trucks you can buy today, demystify how to decipher automaker claims about trucks, share some truck buying advice, chat about how the truck world has changed, and also talk about electric trucks.

For Father's Day, Own the Road is collecting stories about dads/cars/father figures and we want to hear some of your submissions! Do you have a memory with your dad from a road trip? Has he passed some car wisdom or knowledge to you? What kind of cars did he love? Any of his car habits confusing or helpful or funny? Anything that has to do with cars/dad is on the table!

If you're interested, send your stories/submissions to and we will pick some to read out in our Father's Day episode! Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing your stories!

If you have questions about anything car-related (or even personal questions for our hosts) please email There's no such thing as a silly question. If you have a car question, there's a high possibility that someone else will be wondering the exact same thing, so don't be embarrassed. Our hosts are here to help, regardless of how simple or complicated your car question is!

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