Sure, we all know that MI5: Rogue Nation is wrecking BMW M3s left and right, but what about the bikes?

The trailer shows packs of unmarked black bikes with odd-shaped headlights careening into each other, some walls, a few other cars and dramatically up into the air, then disintegrating into a million pieces.

Those iconic asymmetric headlights and the “RR” spotted on the tachometer show what the black paint jobs hide – these bikes, all of which seem to be destined for spontaneous disassembly, are BMW S1000RRs. Which is sad, because the S1000RR is a spectacular bike and one of your writer's personal favourites.

It’s the badder, better version of the BMW S1000R, and one of the most impressive bikes of 2015.

That BMW has included its two-wheeled flagship sports bike in the MI5 deal it has worked up is a great sign for the health of the Motorrad division and also the company’s commitment to the machine.