Recreational vehicle maker Polaris has added a hardtop roof option to its Slingshot lineup of three-wheel motorcycles.

Dubbed Slingshade, the roof structure is open at the front, sides and rear to maintain the Slingshot's open-air feel while providing some shelter from the sun. The bolt-on accessory also has two removable t-top panels for days when you do want to catch some rays, or for evening or overcast rides.

Despite its simple appearance, the Slingshade is not an inexpensive option, adding $3,799 to the Slingshot's $27,000 base price, according to Polaris' Canadian website. That same price also applies to the Slingshot's uplevel SL and SLR models.

To us, this option reinforces the notion the Slingshot is more like a three-wheeled car than a motorcycle. This racy ride features a pair of proper car seats, a steering wheel and a manual transmission shifted via a console-mounted shifter and clutch pedal. Power is from a 2.4L four-cylinder engine making 173 hp and 166 lb-ft of torque, put to the road through a five-speed stickshift.