A group of car thieves stole a Dodge Charger Hellcat straight off the showroom floor of a midtown Detroit dealership in a bold early-morning heist earlier this week.

Surveillance cameras caught the entire thing on film, showing the thieves busting through a showroom window, and then pushing the car outside before using a minivan to shunt it down the street to a waiting tow truck, according to a CBS Detroit report.

Unless this was an inside job, the thieves wouldn't have had the key for the car, so they would have had to activate the emergency shifter release mechanism under the centre console -- what a tow truck operator would use to move the vehicle were it disabled. We suspect they used that to shift the car into neutral so it would roll freely.

Check out the action in the three videos below, which we've linked from CBS Detroit reporter Vickie Thomas. The first shows the thieves busting in, the second the perps busting the car out, and the Grand Carvan-style getaway happens in the third.